Welcome to Jesus Christ Tower of Healing and resurrection Fire ministries

our faith

we are sons and children born of the spirit of Christ Jesus and we believe and know  the lord Jesus christ as the resurrection and the life. the redeemer of our soul and who set people free from  sin and death. we acknowledge his power as the lord and judge of both the living and the death according to the order given to him by our Holy father Jahwe. we are trying to reach the elects to seal them with the seal of the fire of healing and resurrection. the holy ghost fire is in the word of Christ in us.  And the anointing of God heals the sick and cleanses  from  infirmities and break the yokes of ungodly life without salvation.

you would like to know more about the church and be connected to the healing spirit in our midst and or also want to partake of the blessings and favors of God upon those carrying out certain projects in the church. you are free to ask and be part of God,s work by informing us